Rooms at Hotel Ambassador, Gwalior

Our rooms at Hotel Ambassador, Gwalior, offer you superior comfort with our large double bed and modern amenities. With our elegant ambience fringed with modern amenities, our rooms are crafted to create a value for money appeal. Our professional and experienced staff will ensure an experience worth revisiting with our topnotch services and facilities.

Designed with sophisticated interiors and modern amenities, these rooms are crafted to bring you unmatched comfort at an affordable price.

These rooms offer cosy and upholstered ambience fringed with ample amenities.

Designed with premium wooden interiors, these rooms offer top-notch comfort and convenience at an affordable price

A well-appointed room with sophisticated interiors offering opulent amenities at best price.

Designed with sophisticated interiors and modern amenities mini suite room at an affordable price.

Suite at Hotel Ambassador, Gwalior, brings you top-notch amenities to create an unmatched experience of comfort and convenience.


Complimentary Wi-Fi during your stay at Hotel Ambassador, Gwalior

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